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101 Things About Me

1. My name is Julia
2. The name I went by through high school is my middle name - Marcela
3. I'm a Virgo
4. I'm also a Tiger
5. My favorite color is blue
6. I despise the color yellow
7. I'm addicted to raspberry iced tea
8. I was born in Lamar, Colorado
9. I went to a boarding school
10. I also graduated two years early
11. I've been to two colleges already
12. But I still don't know what I want to do with my life
13. I spend too much time online
14. I read a lot too
15. I would die without my phone
16. Movie theatre popcorn is my favorite
17. I recently moved to San Diego
18. During the summer, I'm a lifeguard and I teach swimming lessons
19. I'm left handed
20. My biggest pet peeve is incorrect spelling/grammar
21. Subway is my favorite "fast food" place
22. I LOVE to travel
23. I've been to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Canada, Egypt, Japan and China
24. In addition to much of the western US
25. My favorite vacation place was Egypt - I would go back in an instant
26. I love the water - river, ocean, lake, pool, whatever - I love swimming
27. I love 70's music
28. My favorite song is "Kiss You All Over" by Exile - a 1978 hit
29. And I love motown
30. I have one younger brother
31. Ebola was an interest to me for several years
32. I've played classical piano since I was 4 years old
33. I have a bad habit of speeding
34. But I've never gotten a speeding ticket
35. I'm afraid of dogs
36. I'm a very serious person
37. Overanalytical too
38. I have black hair
39. And dark brown eyes
40. I think that my eyes are my best feature
41. Followed by my lips
42. But if you asked a male, I'm sure they'd say that my chest is
43. I am 5'7"
44. My favorite book is When All The World Was Young by Ferrol Sams
45. I read mostly historical fiction
46. And I like reading about Middle Eastern cultures
47. I am a bohemian at heart.
48. My favorite movie is Fight Club
49. I've climbed China's Mt. Tai
50. That was the most beautiful place that we went to in China
51. Even though it's cliche, I use shopping as therapy
52. I don't wear makeup
53. I am the "au naturale" chick
54. I've only been in one car crash
55. I hit them
56. But it wasn't my fault
57. I don't smoke - it's one of my pet peeves
58. I don't do drugs, either
59. I was in three drama productions the two years I was in HS
60. I went to a boarding school
61. No, I wasn't delinquent - I was just smart
62. I was in charge of the recycling program while I was there
63. I took French in HS, and Spanish in college
64. I'd like to learn Arabic
65. I really appreciate a person who knows the difference between "your" and "you're"
66. Also the difference between "to", "too" and "two" & "their", "they're" and "there"
67. Starbursts are my favorite fruity candy
68. For chocolate it's a tie between Reese's and Rolo's
69. I have never done 69
70. I don't know why I told you that
71. My dad is from Mexico - which makes me Mexican American
72. I don't think I look like it, though
73. I love techno
74. I don't know how to dance, though
75. I wish I knew how
76. I have 5 sets of piercings, plus cartiledge piercings, and an industrial in my right ear
77. But I don't have any tattoos yet
78. I'll be getting one soon though - it resembles a henna tattoo
79. I have been in love one time in my life
80. If I could, I would walk barefoot all the time
81. I love Dorito's
82. I am VERY opinionated
83. I like reading books about Middle Eastern cultures
84. I want to go bungee jumping
85. The place I want to go is in Nanaimo, B.C.
86. When I think of the number six in my head, I see it in neon blue
87. I don't know why
88. I have dimples when I smile
89. People say I look prettier when I smile
90. That might be true
91. I love my mom's homemade apple pie
92. I hate the smell of vanilla
93. I don't eat tomatoes
94. I always try to match my clothes
95. Even my underwear
96. I am one of the 28% of Americans that have a valid passport
97. I am good at the limbo
98. I am a very inquisitive person - I always ask questions - I always want to know why
99. I like to talk to myself - yet I keep secrets
100. I am a walking contradiction
101. I am a child of the night.

I had just finished this entire thing, and then it didn't show up - and then it didn't show up. So, I had to retype them all, so if I repeat something, then that's why. I couldn't remember what was written and what wasn't. F%#$ing AOL

written on May 02, 2005 @ 6:02 PM

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