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Noise:the sound of the TV
I feel so:tired

I was watching police videos tonight, and there was one about a man who stole booze from a liquor store, and he got away 'cause no one got the right license plate. The clerk who was working was suspended and docked pay because of the theft.

Two weeks later, the same thief comes in, and the same clerk is working as well. The clerk recognizes him, and when the guy goes by his window, he locks the doors to the outside, and closes a bulletproof window in front of him as well. Then when the thief goes by to get out, the clerk starts dancing around inside saying, "Caught yo ass today, bitch! Caught yo ass TODAY!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - omg, it was hilarious. Maybe you'd have to see it. . .

written on May 27, 2005 @ 12:31 AM

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