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To add to the earlier entry:

Andrew e-mailed me tonight telling me that he made third class. Petty Officer Cline. He's psyched. That's awesome - I'm psyched for him too. He was quite excited (with good reason) so I thought I'd tell all those reading, so you can be happy for him too.

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I think that those are the ribbons he has, though I may be missing one . . either way.

A funny thing: Remember that store Bliss that I said I thought I was going to work at? That I did the setup for? Right . . . it's officially "Bliss Accessories" I guess - and I went in there to buy a purse, and when I saw the register, it looked like there was a typo on "accessories" and I was thinking, "No, this is too funny . . . " - and I paid for my stuff, and got my receipt, and sure enough - it said "Bliss Axcessories" - and since the boss had walked by me earlier while I was there and made a point to say "Hi, Lauren!" (not my name, for those of you who don't know) I thought I'd leave him my receipt that had "axcessories" circled with "Check your spelling" above it. It felt good walking out of the store. *evil spiteful grammar bitch laugh*

Will I be a rock star at my new job?
Most decidedly so.

Also - I am superstitious in the most odd ways . . .

written on May 22, 2005 @ 11:49 PM

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This banner was made for me, I tell you.



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