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I finally remembered to ask Andrew to send me the picture of him that was deleted off my old phone, so I could put it on my computer, which made me look at some of the pics he sent from the same "shoot" as the one I was looking for. I really love the one though - it's hot. I don't know why I like it, 'cause I'm not into that particular style, but I do.

16 days until our two year anniversary. And I go and do something stupid. Ask something stupid, really. And now he thinks that I doubt him. Which I don't. I really don't. I don't want to rehash it, 'cause it would be pointless, and even more stupid, but I feel fucking stupid for even having brought it up. I had no good reason - he GAVE me no reason, but I go and shoot off my mouth. Then, because I'm worried about losing him (why, I don't know) then I act like a completely different person - he even called me on it. And I was - I was worried, I was tearing up, my cheeks were hot, I was breathing fast. . . for nothing. For stupidity. But he calmed down, and I calmed down, and things are fine now. But now I could just kick myself that now he has to start rebuilding the knowledge that I'm not worried halfway from the ground - during leave (for his birthday, nonetheless) and 16 days before our two year anniversary. It's fucking stupid - I'm fucking stupid. But, like I said, we're cooled down, things are fine - and here are the pics.

Thug Lovin'
This is the one that I wanted.
I love how he looks in this one.

So expressionless. . .
Same outfit, different shot.

Like a chulo
He almost looks like a different person in this shot.

The Look
This one's more funny than anything.

His newest tattoo.

Look, up in the air. . .
This one cracks me up too . . .

In the end though: Love, halfway across the world

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written on May 06, 2005 @ 6:28 AM

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