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That would be Andrew right before his birthday. Or maybe on his birthday. I don't know. He's in Japan, and I'm here, so who knows what day it was. Either way, today for me is technically his birthday for him (tomorrow for me. . . ) May 8th, at any rate. He's going to be 20. . . gawd, that seems old for him. He doesn't seem 20 to me. He just seems like. . . Andrew. Andrew to me has no age, I guess. He went out with Charles to this drag race and they had a good time (hence the dark picture with a car in it)

Maybe more later - just wanted to write that one.

Added many hours later - so many that it's technically the 8th when this was written:
OK, so I lied about writing something else later. But, I DID spend the day doing quizzes, and I have quite a nice selection of them. You can see them here - you can also find a link to your left, to click at your leisure.

written on May 07, 2005 @ 3:32 PM

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