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Well . . . this was the second day of work, but before I even get into that, I need to go over the first.

Intense. That's the only word I can use to describe what went on the first day. It was go GO GO! right from the start. They had me expo from the start, then I had to tingle, in the freakin' hot sun, trying to get people to try drinks that they don't want to. Then I had to do 360, and 1-2-3, and tingle tingle tingle. And even though that's "all" I did, that was a LOT of doing, with a LOT of energy, and LOTS of things being thrown at me at once. Plus we were CRAZY busy. E and Swole were there, and some chick I don't remember exactly, but I think it was Jess or Jessamin or something. When you expo, you have to hold the drink above your head, and yell (yes, pretty much - yell) out the name and the drink, and be SO EXCITED YOU'RE GIVING THEM THEIR DRINK and you have to have them try it right there in front of you to make sure that they "absolutely love" it, or we'll make it again.

It's never "yes" or "yeah" or "uh-huh" or "mm-hmm" - it's GOT IT! Yeah - in caps with an exclamation point. ALWAYS.

"Tingle in 60 seconds please!"
"Vava drop."
"Sassy B for Lauren."
"Tingle up!"
"Vava up!"
"Tingle back!"
"Expo please!"

Gawd . . . it was crazy. I had to be so supercharged. I worked for 5 hours, and I felt like I worked twice that after I left. I was so incredibly tired. Always go go go. I wish that I could properly say how tired it made me. Really. And anyway, it was my first day, so it's going to seem a lot more overwhelming than it usually would, I think. I think that's a lot of why it seemed like it was so much.

Today, I was working with Ray and Lacey (who are the equivilant of assistant managers, I think - they've been here ever since it started, practically - D*lush opened in 2001) so that kinda worried me. And Alex was there too - he was fun to work with. Well, all of them were, but I felt like I was more on Alex's level, 'cause he wasn't a "Ray-or-Lacey" - I think they're called quarterbacks. Either way. So, it was good. We weren't that busy, so it wasn't so hectic, and I felt better about what I was doing. Still had to freakin' tingle, which I hate. Seriously. It's just like greeting. Ugh. And the usual 360/1-2-3, stocked ice. And Ray had me work the bar for a while too, which was nice, 'cause then I got to do something else, and stay inside ('cause seriously, I don't wonder why people didn't want shots from me - I was SO pink, 'cause it is SO freakin' hot here - I think it's the humidity - I'm used to dry heat) and then I could start learning the drinks too. Then this one chick came in and ruined the chi. I don't know why. She just grated on me for some reason. And then I left pretty much after that - I got back from my break and she was there, and I left on the hour, so I was really only with her for 45 minutes or so. Ray gave me a study guide (of drinks and acronyms, some mystery shopper reports, a list of positions and what they entail, and recipies)

And thank gawd I have it too, 'cause they have to have their own language, of course (maybe Jeffery was in the Navy? - haha - I think that only two people will get that) and I need to learn ALL of it pretty much by Thursday.

Although, a nice thing was that I was getting compliments/encouragement/whatever you want to call it - telling me what a good job I was doing, that I was doing well, doing excellent, etc. It was nice to hear it, especially the first day, 'cause it was so horribly busy and hectic. But today, hearing it from Ray and Lacey, it was nicer, almost. And then even while I was waiting for the trolley to come, Ray called me and wanted to tell me that I impressed him today, and he wanted to say "awesome job" (yeah, with the little gay lisp and everything - he cracks me up) and that if I keep it up, I'll definitely be a rock star.

So - that was today. And now that it's taken me an hour to write this, I am going to watch back to back episodes of COPS.

written on May 24, 2005 @ 9:33 PM

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