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I spend more time doing maintenance ON this journal than I actually do writing IN it. I ought to be writing. All the other journals that I've had, I've spent a lot of time and energy making sure that it looked good, that there were interesting links and all that jazz. . . but I never wrote. Well, that was towards the end. In the beginning, I used to write everyday. Sometimes twice in one day. I used it for the purpose it was intended for. I've gotten out of that groove. I think it's 'cause I stopped. I really do. If you gather enough steam, then you just go and go and go. . . but once you stop, you're just kinda. . . .stopped.

Like when I wrote Andrew letters for boot camp. I LITERALLY wrote him one letter for every single day that he was gone. Sometimes twice a day, in addition to whatever greeting cards I felt like sending him. I wrote him every single night. Then, I went to see him for his pass-in-review, and then he went to A-school, and I said, "I'll write you every day" and I didn't. . .'cause I had stopped. Then he went to Japan, and I said, "I'll write you every day" and I didn't. . . I stopped writing months and months ago. Sigh. . . Just like I stopped writing here.

Although, at that time, I was basically writing the contents of my day (and therefore, anything that might be turned into an entry) in e-mails to him, and I didn't want to write it twice, so I just didn't write. SO, since we're not writing each other e-mails like that anymore. . . then that means I'll be writing here?

written on May 05, 2005 @ 6:44 AM

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