D3D1C473D: no one
Noise:The new Willy Wonka song in my head
I feel so:let down

Belay my last.

I'm NOT going to get a tattoo today. I can't - there isn't enough money in checking to get it right now. It all got transferred to savings, which I can't access right now. So, I can't go. I was all psyched to go, and now I can't.

Which I know you'll say is stupid, 'cause I can just go get it tomorrow, no big deal, same tattoo, same place, whatever. But I wanted it TODAY - TODAY was going to be the day that I got it. Friday the 13th. . . (which I just noticed right now, and isn't really a reason why I wanted it today, but it sounded fun, 'cause how many times does the 13th land on a Friday? [often enough, I know, I know])

At any rate, I just wanted it today. If I tell myself I'm going to get it today, I WANT TO GET IT TODAY. And it frustrates me that I can't transfer the money. Gawd. And the person I need to talk to (Andrew) is not only unreachable 'cause I can't call their cell phone, they're on a ship at this particular moment sleeping, so even if I COULD call his cell phone, it couldn't ring 'cause he's on the ship. So. Isn't that fun.

written on May 13, 2005 @ 1:03 PM

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