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This site is certified 67% EVIL by the Gematriculator

You're a closet freak." - Adam

Ah, sweet love - where he gets laid and you get fucked.

Die? In THIS racket?!" - Kung Fu Hustle

Don't have to be up for anything really - just naked sin and evil sex." - KickStandFrmHell


And I really like being close, because usually. . . . I'm far. - Margaret Cho

I AM good in bed

ADAM:Was there rough sex?
ME:I'm trying to think . . . . none that would involve my ARM . . ."

"Dude - if some Iraqi soldier guy - what do you call 'em - talibanditos - tried snatching me - I'd FLOOOOOOOOOR his ass" - I wish I could give credit for this, but I forgot who said it

I feel . . . pressure . . .tiny, tiny, tiny, little . . . . *gasp*PAIN!!!" - Adam

This is the first Bjork album that I bought. I like the picture from it.

"That F-ing annoys the FUCK outta me" - Me

"I don't mean this to sound in a perverted way .............but, I love our sex, babe" - Andrew

*Indignant voice* "I'm not the Taming of the Shrew. . ." - Me

My pedantry is sexy. - Me


Some clever quote to go here to separate the images. . . .

I first saw a picture of Carre Otis in some teen mag as a "plus sized" model, and she looked beautiful - so I thought I'd post her.

Roxane Mesquida
Roxane Mesquida - I discovered her while I was looking for a picture of Carre Otis - she looks like she could be the poster child for bohemian beauty.
Roxane again
And again

Interesting . . . no, wait, the other thing - tedious.

I'm anti-aircraft - he's 747.

Q: What's your guilty pleasure?
A: I don't feel guilty about my pleasures, that's the problem.

He who pays the fiddler calls the tunes.

"I had a cactus as a house plant once. And in a week it was dead. And I thought - I am less nourshing than a desert . . . " - Dimitri I-forgot-his-last-name

"Well, it's not whizbang, but . . . " - Adam

"You missed the "i". That was a whole syllable. You spelled one third of the word wrong!" - Luis

written on May 03, 2005 @ 1:20 AM

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This banner was made for me, I tell you.
This banner was made for me, I tell you.



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