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I think that this makes a week that I haven't made an entry . . . sigh.

Among other things, this is my two year anniversary with Andrew. Two. Dos. Deux. Zwei. Due. Dois. . (I don't know if you can see that last one, but it's in Korean.) On this day (night, really) two summers ago we were both in Rifle. In the cemetary, sitting under the flagpole, looking at the stars. His graduation from high school. Going to Strawberry Days . . . Mountain Fair . . . Spending time at his house. Him leaving for boot camp. It seriously seems like it was so long ago. Yet not. It seems a little longer ago than it did 6 months ago, but definitely still just like yesterday.

Then he graduated from boot camp . . . I went to Chicago to visit him. And you know, I would write more about it, but that was the weekend that I realized that I was in love with him. That was definitely the defining moment for me. That weekend is so special to both of us.

We've made it through a year and a half of him being in Japan. Through him being deployed for months at a time . . . through lots of letters and phone calls and e-mails in the beginning . . . then it slowly dwindled down to a trickle (from both of us) All the fights and all the good times . . . as much as they could be, anyway, over the phone.

I went to visit him in Japan in December. After not seeing him for a year, I went to see him, and it felt SO good. He showed me the base, and places where he goes, and people that are important to him. I met Charles, his best friend. We stayed on another base, to get away from his life on his base, and had the best time together. We were on the trains alot, going to and from, which was tedious and quite tiring, but since I was with him, then it wasn't bad at all. It was so nice just to talk to him, and touch him, and make jokes with him. To see where he is when he calls me, to see the places that he talks about, but I haven't been able to see all year. It just felt good. Got a tour of the ship - saw his workspace. Spent more time with him. Just being us.

Then I had to come back . . . 5 more months of struggle. . . and here we are.

That little history seemed quite lame - but I assure you, it's much better than what it seems like there. It is SO special.

So, two years with Andrew and I. *woot*

-Job Update-
I no longer work at Bliss. They apparently only wanted me for the setup of the store, and not to actually work in it. Which bummed me out when it happened, but right after that, I went to Fashion Valley to look for jobs in that mall, and I got an ASSLOAD of applications from all the places. While I was there, I got an application from a smoothie/coffee/shake/tea place called D*lush. Just on a whim - and it was really just a business card with the CEO's name on it, and I decided to try dlush's website, anyway. Put in a fucking AWESOME application, and the guy e-mailed me back within hours to have a phone interview, then we had a second interview, which didn't go so well, I didn't think, 'cause he was working and running around offering VaVa balls to everyone, and I had to go around with him, and try to act professional, yet cool at the same time. . . and all of this in heels, too. I had worn a new outfit of mine, which I wasn't really comfortable with, but it was something nice to wear to an interview ('cause you're always supposed to wear nice clothes to interviews, right?) He had me talk to Ray, who has been with the company three of the four years it's been around, and he said that they'd call me, write me, whatever if they had questions. They'd definitely call me Friday or Monday, whichever. So . . . no firm answer.

Meanwhile, day before yesterday, I get a call from Victoria's Secret . . . say they'd like to hire me, and could I come for training? And I was like, "HELL YEAH!" (in my head) and "Yes, I would like to" (on the phone) and was all psyched all day. Then, I went for the orientation/training yesterday with 6 other girls, and they were talking about how they don't want ANY facial piercings (absolutely none, if I want to quote the trainer) and then they were talking about all the blazers and suits and whatever that we have to wear . . . which I knew from the start, yeah, but that's a lot of money to spend for part time seasonal employment (which I found out when I got there . . . I had thought they were offering me a full time job) so I ended up taking the job with D*lush (which I had found out right before training started that they were going to hire me) So . . . yeah. That's where things stand now.

It's given me a mild paranoia now though, that I won't be able to hold this job. :/ Just 'cause of the whole Bliss thing, and because of low self confidence. . . and also, because at D*lush, I've got to be ON all the time . . . crazy energy and stuff. Sigh. We'll see how I do.

Speaking of D*lush though, they have shirts that they have all of us wear that they also sell, and they say some really awesome stuff on them (like my favorite says "Tastes better topless" with the picture of a lid sideways on the right) but they don't come in my size . . . they're all medium. I so am not. All the cute tank tops are, anyway. So, I'm thinking that maybe I could talk to Jeffery and see if we could get them made in other (bigger) sizes. 'cause then not only could I wear the cute witty tanks, then I think that so many other girls who are NOT a medium would buy them as well. But, I'll have to bring that up with him. At some point. Maybe.

Last night I went with Adam to see Star Wars . . . gawd. I hate the idea that I would even go. I don't like stuff like that. Don't. Like. It. At. All. But, I went anyway (just 'cause I'm that nice, I guess) and it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I didn't know the story before it, didn't know it after, but I watched for movie for what it was, I guess. Not as horrible and brain melting as I thought it would be. (Not my favorite movie by any means though) So . . . yeah, there's that.

And there was a preview for The DaVinci Code that made me want to read the book. I had stayed away from it 'cause the reviews I had heard from people made it seem too . . . I don't know - too out there for me, I guess. But, that preview made me want to see it . . . I think I'll go buy it today.

Yeah . . . so, here I am. I think that that catches me up to the 22nd of May.

written on May 22, 2005 @ 1:57 PM

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