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I haven't updated in 5 days, apparently. I do this every time. I make a new diary/journal, then I make it all pretty, and try to find stuff to link to, to make it nice, make it cool, and w/e - then I don't write. :/

I've been making a fanlisting. Which at first, I thought that I'd ve fine with it - maybe join a few for movies or whatever. But, they have fanlistings for EVERYTHING - things that I wouldn't even think that people would take time to make a listing for. It's crazy. And so, I started out fine - just with movies and whatnot. Then I got carried away too. Sad.

So, there are LOTS of fanlistings on the page that I've linked to. If you want to look at them, knock yourself out. I'm going to put them in smaller pages that have themes, but I haven't gotten around to it.

In other news:
I'm getting my tattoo tomorrow. I'm psyched. I'm kinda worried that it will hurt, but I really love the design that I'm getting.

That's essentially it - there's going to be my name in Arabic on either side as well. This was a henna tattoo, so that means that no one else has this. Which is awesome. So. That's news.

And I really miss Andrew right now, for some reason. I don't know why. Hopefully I'll get a phone call from him tonight. As well as a picture.

I haven't been taking pictures of me as much as I used to. With my original phone, it had a camera, and I took pictures all the time, so I TOOK pictures all the time. And I don't now. Which is sad - 'cause I love taking pictures of me ('cause that means that I can take them until I find something good that is fit for the public to see WITHOUT making them blind) and I haven't been. Sigh. Don't know why that came up.

I was thinking two things today that are quite interesting about me. Well, one thing is.

1.) I speed walk through malls when I'm shopping by myself. Everywhere. Even if I have bags and whatnot.

2.) I like to watch COPS and things like that. REAL TV too - I watch that too - but I LOVE watching COPS and cops shows and everything. Which is odd, 'cause I'm not the type of person that would like watching those. But I do. Weird.

written on May 12, 2005 @ 9:11 PM

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